Spookify Your Home’s Halloween Decorations

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Give your guests the fright of their lives!

You’ve selected the scary finger-foods, picked out the games, and sent out the invitations.  Now, it’s time to think about transforming your humble abode into a haunting experience. Look no further than the roll of duct tape in your toolbox to create decorations that are sure to give your guests a fright.  Below are some creepy ideas:

Step 1

Worried about the water rings left on your coffee table from bubbling mugs of bug juice?  Simply create a small fabric circle out of duct tape to make coasters that are sure to clean up!  Make a larger, matching, fabric circle to place under the punch bowl to help catch spills and splatters.

Step 2


Turn your front yard into a haunted graveyard with simple-to-make duct tape tombstones.

·         Cut cardboard into tombstone shapes and cover them with silver Duck Tape®. 

·         The duct tape makes for an authentic look and it’s weatherproof! 

·         To complete, add names with a marker or black Duck Tape.*




Step 3

Fold black and orange Duck Tape® over itself, sticky side to sticky side, to create streamers to string throughout rooms and in doorways.

Step 4

A giant spider web is a great party decoration that can easily be created by twisting gray or black Duck Tape® strips (sticky side out for an authentic web characteristic) and stringing them in web form over doors and windows. 

      ·         For an added scare, cover two Styrofoam balls (or wadded up newspaper) with black duct tape to form the body of a spider. 

·         Attach eight legs made out of rolled black or silver Duck Tape®, and use red Duck Tape® for the eyes.*






Step 5

Too late to get a piñata for your party? Never!



·         Insert small candies into several balloons and blow them up. 



·         Duck Tape® the balloons together into whatever shape you choose. 



·         Hang the candy-filled beast from the ceiling. 



·         Blindfold contestants and have them hit the balloon beast with a stick until it spills its contents, one body cavity at a time.*


Step 6

Use your lamps to create a dimly lit and eerie ambiance. Use Duck Tape® to make a ghost pattern stencil on the lens of a flashlight and project ghost images on the walls throughout the night.*

Step 7

If you don’t have time to carve your pumpkin, or if you don’t want the mess, try this:



·         Simply cut a pair of eyes, a nose and a mouth out of Duck Tape® and stick them on your chosen gourd. 



·         This will allow you to change the face or expression on your pumpkin from day to day. 



·         Using duct tape is also a good way to test your design before you actually cut it into the pumpkin.








Step 8

To really scare your guests, create a giant bat using black Duck Tape® and crumpled newspaper. 






·         Cut wings out of a black duct tape fabric and tape them onto a body made of crumpled newspaper covered with duct tape. 






·         To keep the wings up, tape a coat hanger to them. 






·         Hang your giant bat with black thread to create the illusion that it’s flying.*

Step 9

Make guests part of your spooky décor by hosting a costume contest. 




·         Encourage guests to come dressed in Duck Tape® duds that fright or amuse, and offer fun prizes for the best and most unique costumes. 




·         From wigs to full costumes, Duck Tape® offers guests creativity on a roll.*













*Adapted with permission from The Original Duct Tape Halloween Book, by Jim and Tim, the Duct Tape Guys, published by Workman Publishing, New York, N.Y.,


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