Duct Tape Uses for Parents

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Duck brand offers tips to parents for solving sticky situations

An afternoon at the playground or a game of hide and seek in the basement can be filled with surprises. Minor mishaps like broken toys or ripped clothing can spoil the fun in no time, unless you have a quick-fix solution on-hand. Whether parents carry it in their diaper bags to help secure a loose diaper or keep a roll in the car for an unexpected fix at a soccer game, America’s favorite fix-all – duct tape – is a great accessory to help parents in a bind.

Below are a few unique ways parents are using duct tape to keep their kids’ days safe and filled with fun.

Step 1

For Convenience:

·         Fix cracked toys, beach balls and lunchboxes

·         Place a strip of tape over the speaker of a child's toy to soften the noise


·         Tape appliance doors shut

·         Use a roll as a cup holder for bottles or juice boxes to help avoid spills

·         Write your child’s name on a piece of tape to help identify toys, bottles, bags, bikes, etc.

Step 2

For Comfort:

·         Patch holes in jeans and T-shirts


·         Reinforce or repair rips in a worn backpack, diaper bag, stroller, etc.

·         Place a strip of tape over shoelaces to keep them in place


·         Keep diapers in place by fastening them with a strip of tape


·         Fix a torn strap on a bathing suit or sandal

·         Tape a plastic bag around casts or bandages to prevent them from getting wet when swimming or bathing

Step 3

For Fun:





·         Tape free throw basketball lines or a hopscotch grid on the driveway






·         Create costumes  and accessories for dress-up, Halloween, etc.






·         Construct alphabet or number blocks






·         Make easy crafts such as a wallet, bookmark or picture frame out of duct tape






·         Give that cardboard box fort a facelift by covering it with different colors of duct tape






Whatever the problem may be, sometimes a quick fix is just what Mom and Dad need to keep the kids happy.


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