Reuse, Reduce, Recycle with Duck® brand Duct Tape

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When it comes to the environment, we’re told every little bit counts. From recycling a soda can to changing a light bulb, small steps can make a big impact in protecting our planet. With a little creativity, simple everyday household items – even Duck® brand duct tape – can go a long way in helping families save money and the environment.  Here are a few easy tips for “green” living.

Step 1


  • Use duct tape to make repairs and extend the life of household items. For example, fix rips in luggage, diaper bags, umbrellas, tents and toys, to name a few. Since Duck® brand duct tape comes in more than 20 different colors , it’s easy to find a color to match the item you’re repairing.
  • Instead of throwing away old, torn clothes, use duct tape to patch holes in jeans or shirts, giving the clothes a second life as work wear for projects such as painting.
  • Try to save a small branch or limb on a tree or bush with duct tape. Simply piece the parts back together, secure with duct tape and let it mend. 


  • No need to buy brown paper bags for work or school lunches. Duct tape can be used to make a durable, reusable lunch bag or tote bag. This is a great opportunity to get kids involved in “going green” by allowing them to express their creativity and design their very own lunch bag.
  • Seal bags or boxes of food, such as potato chips, crackers or cereal, with duct tape to help keep food fresher longer. You’ll save money on groceries and help reduce waste.
  • Help conserve water by wrapping duct tape around minor leaks in garden hoses – this will also keep the hose out of the garbage.


  • Paper, plastic, aluminum, glass. Use various colors of duct tape to color-code recycling bins for fast and easy sorting of all the items you recycle every week.



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