Tips for a Quick Bathroom Makeover

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Put the “fun” in functional in your bathroom

When it comes to decorating, the bathroom is an important, but often overlooked, space.  Unlike a kitchen or living room, it is not a gathering place, but ultimately, it will be seen by guests during their visit.

Duck® brand Easy Liner® non-adhesive shelf liner , in addition to its traditional uses in linen closets and on kitchen shelves, can be both fun and functional for the bathroom.  And, because non-adhesive liners are easy to install and replace, you can quickly change in and out your style to coordinate with the seasons or anytime the redecorating “bug” hits.

With the variety of patterns and colors available, creating a decorating theme that works with the existing décor in your home, or a popular bathroom motif such as an island oasis, is simple.  But most importantly, the versatility of shelf liner allows you to be inventive while at the same time keeping your bathroom clean and organized.   

Here are some tips and creative uses for Easy Liner® non-adhesive shelf liner in your bathroom:

Step 1

Create slip-free surfaces.

·         Consider placing a piece of shelf liner across the top of your toilet tank or on the counter to hold candles or other knick-knacks in place.

·         Turntables are a handy tool to organize crowded spaces like medicine cabinets and small countertops. Lining the base of the turntable with a piece of solid non-slip liner will help keep items in place when spinning

Step 2

Protect your surfaces.

·         Covering cabinets, counters and shelves with non-adhesive shelf liner can help protect them from nicks and scratches, and can also make cleaning faster and easier.

·         Don’t forget bathroom-specific areas such as linen closet shelves, vanity drawers, and the medicine cabinet.

·          If you have a stepstool to help small children reach the sink, adhere a piece of non-slip liner to the edge to protect your cabinetry and walls from dings and scratches . 

Step 3

Shelf liner can be used in the bath/shower.

·         Put shelf liner under shampoo bottles, shaving cream and soap dishes to help keep them from sliding and falling.

·         A solid liner can also help to prevent these items from leaking onto and/or staining tub or shower surfaces – banish rust rings from shaving cream cans!

Step 4

Accent your walls and accessorize your theme.

·         Add some fun wall décor – artwork or personal photos to fit your theme.  Non-slip liner behind the frame keeps your pictures straight and prevents scratches on the wall.

·         Accent rugs are another good way to add a pop of color.  On tile or laminate floor surfaces, non-slip shelf liner makes a good pad to hold rugs in place.


Changing the shelf liner and other simple accessories, such as toothbrush holders, lotion dispensers, and wall décor, can totally change the look of your bathroom without any major DIY projects


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