Cut Out Kitchen Clutter

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How to be lean, mean and clean

Clearing clutter and organizing the cabinets or drawers in your kitchen can be a daunting task; however, it is also one of the most self-satisfying and useful measures taken in keeping a cleaner kitchen. Conquering the pantry will provide the opportunity to take inventory of cooking utensils and ingredients and clear away unused items to make the area clean and functional.

Below are some tips to help you get your kitchen shelves in order.

Step 1

Empty every shelf.

·          Not only is it easier to wipe out dust and crumbs from hard-to-reach corners, but you can also sort through old and outdated food.

·          Before restacking your shelves, clean the surface thoroughly and line each one with a non-adhesive shelf liner, such as Duck® brand Smooth Top Easy Liner®, to create a protective barrier and a clean, fresh surface area.

·          Non-adhesive shelf liners can be machine washed and replaced, making for easier cleaning in the future. Simply wash in cold water and toss in the dryer for a few minutes to remove excess water and wrinkles. Replace on the shelf while warm and smooth any remaining wrinkles with your hands.

Step 2

Survey all of your food items.

·          Remember, one distasteful dish is someone else’s dinner delight. 

·          If you can’t (or won’t) use it, you might as well lose it. Separate those items you may not use in the near future, and donate it to local food drives or food banks.

Step 3

Group similar items in your pantry together. 

·          This will help you keep track of items that need to be replenished and prevent you from restocking ones that might be lost on another shelf. 

·          For added organization, sort food from back to front in order of expiration date to make sure everything is used when freshest.

Step 4

Make your pantry more ergonomic and user-friendly by stocking items used most often on eye-level shelves for easier access. 

·          Move less frequently used and heavier items to lower spots, and naturally, store lighter objects or anything you’d like to keep out of the reach of children on upper shelves.

Although kitchen pantry clean-up is a time-consuming task, simple storage solutions can help make the job a little easier and a lot less frequent. Organizing your shelves will not only free up more room in your kitchen pantry, but also room in your schedule to let you conquer your more enjoyable to-do list instead.

Step 5

Utilize organization tools to maximize the amount of space behind your pantry doors. 

·          Turntables on pantry shelves provide easy access and viewing so you don’t forget about items pushed to the back.  

·          Small wire shelves require no assembly and allow jars and cans to be stacked neatly without creating a precarious balancing act. This helps to keep items in view and puts wasted space on the pantry floor or between shelves to good use.


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