Easy Decorating Ideas to Add Color and Style to Your Kitchen

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Practical solutions that freshen your space

A quick and affordable way to give a kitchen a fresh, new look without a major renovation is to incorporate a theme – and today’s variety of non-adhesive shelf liners make it easier than ever. They are available in a variety of colors and patterns, and can be easily cut to custom shapes to create seasonal decorating styles that fit into existing décor.

Below are some functional ideas on how to use non-adhesive shelf liner to enhance your kitchen:

Step 1

Freshen up the inside of cupboards.

·         Position non-adhesive, non-slip shelf liner inside cupboards to accent décor and create a barrier between dishes, glasses and pans and abrasive or unsightly surfaces. 

·         Duck® brand Smooth Top® Easy Liner® is easy to remove and wipe clean, and its smooth top allows items to slide back onto shelves. 

·         Non-adhesive style liners also provide some sound deadening benefits for pots & pans and small appliances in storage.    

Step 2

Protect your countertops and keep appliances in place.

·         Non-adhesive shelf liner can also be used outside of cabinets between kitchen surfaces and small, countertop appliances. 

·         Duck brand® Solid Easy Liner creates a solid barrier to collect crumbs, and also provides a non-slip surface to help stop items from shifting.

Step 3

Prevent your cutting board from sliding while in use by laying a piece of Select Easy Liner® or Super Grip® Easy Liner® underneath.

Step 4

Make easy-to-clean placemats and coasters, or a quick and easy table runner.

·          You can also lay shelf liner under a party “buffet line” to help catch spills.

·          Create a conversation piece by cutting stars, flags, and other fun shapes to make your décor uniquely yours.

Step 5

Place shelf liner under your pet’s bowl to help keep it in place and avoid spills.

·          solid liner will also catch accidental spills, keeping your floor clean.


The versatility of shelf liner allows you to be creative and add small, unique accents to the overall theme and color scheme of the kitchen. This attention to detail will create a welcoming environment for the center of the home, while allowing for quick and easy clean up of the space.


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