10 Unexpected Uses for Shelf Liner

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An everyday item in your kitchen and bathroom is making its way out of cabinets and drawers and into some unique projects around the home. Relied on by many to keep shelves and other spaces clean and organized, non-adhesive, non-slip shelf liner has some hidden functions that go above and beyond its traditional purpose:

Step 1

Protect your countertops and keep appliances in place.

Place shelf liner between kitchen surfaces and small, countertop appliances. The shelf liner creates a solid barrier to catch crumbs, while providing a non-slip surface to help keep items from shifting. This works well on top of the washer/dryer, too, to prevent items from bouncing and falling due to machine vibration.

Step 2

Make impromptu placemats and coasters.

Whether it’s at your kitchen table or out on the patio, shelf liner can be a perfect (and inexpensive!) accent to your tabletop. Simply cut rectangles and squares of shelf liner for homemade placemats and coasters. Since non-adhesive liner is machine washable, clean up is a breeze. 

Step 3

Keep pet bowls in place.

Place a piece of shelf liner under your pet’s food and water bowls so he or she isn’t forced to chase around the dishes while eating and drinking. The shelf liner will help keep the bowls in place, while making clean up of sloppy food and water spills quick and simple.

Step 4

Trap dirt from shoes.

Shelf liner makes an excellent landing place for dirty – or wet – boots and shoes. Place a piece next to doors to help keep your carpets and floors free from mud and shoeprints. Works well, too, for catching muddy paw prints as dogs come in from outside.

Step 5

Open a stubborn jar.

From baby food to jarred fruits to bottles of juice, a small piece of shelf liner can give you the extra grip you need to open tight lids.

Step 6

Restore order to craft time.

Whether it’s scrapbooking for you or finger-painting for the kids, shelf liner can help cut down on clean up time from a variety of art projects. Lay a piece of shelf liner down on the table as an activity mat to protect surfaces from messy crafting supplies such as paint, clay or glue.

Step 7

Save pots and pans. 

Sick of finding scratches and dings in your pots and pans from stacking them on top of each other? Place a small piece of shelf liner between each pot and pan to prevent further surface damage. This is also a great way to protect fine china and special serving pieces. 

Step 8

Keep your shower clean.

Place shelf liner under shampoo bottles, shaving cream and soap dishes to help keep them from sliding and falling. A solid liner can also help prevent these items from leaking onto and/or rusting/staining tub or shower surfaces. 

Step 9

Protect your deck.

Place pieces of shelf liner under potted plants to help prevent soil and watermarks from staining your deck. Also works great indoors to stop these stains on shelves, tables and windowsills.

Step 10

While you’re on the go.

Lay down a piece of shelf liner in the trunk of your car to help keep objects from shifting while driving. A small piece on the dashboard will help keep small items like cell phones and loose change in place. It also helps keep the interior of your vehicle clean if you’re transporting dirty, muddy or wet items – including pets! Use it under booster seats to protect your car interior from crumbs and dirt getting ground into your upholstery.


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