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Fun Facts about Bubble Wrap

Originally invented in 1960 by the Sealed Air Corporation as textured wallpaper, Bubble Wrap® has since become best known for providing superior protection when packing fragile or delicate items. However, its intended uses are not what makes it so well-loved.  It’s the charming noise it makes when its bubbles are popped that entice the American public.Check out these fun facts about this multi-faceted invention.

Step 1

Bubble Wrap® cushioning  has been POPular since 1960,when Al Fielding and Marc Chavannesoriginally invented it for use as a plastic wallpaper with a paper backing.

Step 2

In 1993, Fielding and Chavannes were inducted into the New Jersey Inventors Hall of Fame, along side the inventor of Turfgrass (C. Reed Funk of Rutgers University) and the inventor of the edible ice cream cone (Italo Marchiony of Hoboken).

Step 3

Bubble Wrap® cushioning has been used for everything from a packaging material to a stress reliever.

Step 4

Farrah Fawcett, former star of “Charlie’s Angels,” appeared on the cover of the July 1997 issue of Playboy magazine wrapped in Bubble Wrap® cushioning material.

Step 5

There is actually a book dedicated to Bubble Wrap®, written by Joey Green and Tim Nyberg. Green and Nyberg completed the manuscript for “The Bubble Wrap Book” in one night, in a hotel bar on 827 cocktail napkins.

Step 6


Bubble Wrap® can come in any color, although most stores simply sell transparent cushioning.


Step 7

Among journalists, a “Bubble Wrap” is slang for a news story of little substance or consequence.


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