Holiday Gift Wrapping Tips

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Beat the stress and get it done!

Between shopping, visiting friends and family, and decorating your home, the holiday season can be both an exciting and stressful time. The Duck® brand has a variety of ideal supplies for gift-giving and gift-wrapping to help reduce unnecessary holiday stress.

Step 1

WrappingDuck® brand invisible tapes are acid-free and perfect for all your gift-wrapping needs.  DuckÒ brand invisible tapes are available in a variety of finishes, so you can choose which tape best suits your preference.

Step 2

Pack it up—For gifts being shipped to out-of-town friends or family, it is important to properly pack presents in shipping boxes for safe delivery. Bubble Products are perfect for protecting gifts for transport, especially those that are fragile.

Step 3

Tape it shut—One of the most important elements of shipping a package is ensuring it is properly sealed shut. Duck® brand has a variety of packaging tapes that meet U.S. postal regulations such as packaging tape Frustration-Free® brand EZ Start®Duck® , which doesn’t let you lose the end of the tape, making your shipping process much easier.

Step 4

Personalize! —Want to add a little more dazzle to a package? Create your own Duck Ò brand duct tape gift-tag to adorn your wrapped gift. Simply stick two pieces of duct tape together, sticky side in, and cut into your desired shape, like a pine tree or snowflake. Punch a hole in the tag, write your message with permanent marker and then tie it onto your gift.

With a variety of gift-wrapping products available from the Duck® brand, you can relax knowing your perfectly-wrapped and packed holiday gifts will arrive safely at their destination.


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