How to Ship Packages Safely

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Get online auction items delivered in one piece

Millions of Americans participate in online auctions. With that much merchandise changing hands, it is important that packages arrive to buyers safely and intact. Duck® brand mailing products can help sellers transport these items quickly and easily to the buyer without worrying about the hassle of broken merchandise. Here are some tips to follow when shipping an item:

Step 1

Box it up

·          The best way to ship an item is to place it in a corrugated box with enough room around all sides for cushioning.

·          It is best to use a new box, if possible, and it should be rigid with all flaps intact.

·          Most boxes have a recommended maximum weight, which is printed on the bottom flap and should not be exceeded. 

Step 2

Wrap it up

·          Foam peanuts, crumpled paper and other packing materials can shift during transit. Bubble Wrap® cushioning,  however, can be used for protection by wrapping each item individually.

·         Bubble WrapÒ cushioning material is water-resistant, non-abrasive and odorless.

Step 3

Tape it up

·          Buyers want to see the outside of their packages sealed and in good condition upon arrival.

·          It is important to use enough packing tape to seal openings without covering up important information like the mailing addresses.

·          Sellers will find Duck® brand EZ Start® packaging tape easy to use, as it is specially coated so it always unrolls smoothly and easily every time, and will not split or tear.  Duck® brand EZ Start® packaging tape now comes on an improved dispenser, with a specially designed cutting blade and palm rest to make taping easier.

Step 4

Mark it up


·          If an item is fragile, be sure to say so. Believe it or not, mail carriers really do pay attention to the FRAGILE warning. 

·          It also is important to mark all mailing labels clearly and legibly.

·          Use a clean box, or be sure to remove or mark over any other writing that might remain on a used box from a previous shipping. 


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