College Moving Tips

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Prep and pack for success

With fall fast approaching, first-time college students are moving into dormitories and apartments across the country. With so much going on between packing and preparing for the school year ahead, students need to be organized to ensure a successful moving day. 

As students begin preparing for their move, they can maintain order and ease their transition with these helpful moving tips from Duck® brand.

Step 1

Buy New Boxes

·         Old boxes can be worn and flimsy, creating problems for moving. 


·         Heavy items can cause the bottom to fall out, and unstable boxes are more likely to collapse, harming the contents.

·         To ensure safe transport, buy new boxes such as Duck® brand Kraft Shipping Boxes, which are available in a variety of sizes to suit all needs.

Step 2

Label Boxes

·         Labeling boxes can be a hassle, but also quite helpful.

·         Duck® brand duct tape comes in over 20 colors, such as purple and fluorescent pink, making color-coding simple and allowing each box to be categorized easily.  Choosing different colors for each room, and specially marking fragile items can ease unpacking hassles.


·         Duck® brand duct tape also comes in handy for securing television and computer wires under rugs when arranging the room.   

Step 3

Protect Fragile Items

·         When packing breakables, use a protective material such as Duck® brand Self-Cling Bubble Wrap® cushioning. 

·         Self-Cling Bubble Wrap® sticks to itself and not to your breakables with no tape required, protecting pictures and glassware without leaving behind a sticky residue.

·         You can even leave the scissors behind because the roll comes perforated every 12 inches for precise wrapping of objects, whether large or small.

Step 4

Use Strong Tape

·         A strong packing tape can be the key to packing boxes efficiently and safely.  With a durable tape, like Duck® brand EZ Start® Packaging Tape, boxes are more secure and withstand shifting during transportation. 

·         The EZ Start® Tape dispenserdoes not allow the tape to fall back onto itself or become tangled, making packing easier and quicker.

Although moving to or from college may seem like a daunting task, the transition can be simplified with a little preparation and patience. Just remember that organizing boxes and possessions prior to your move can save the time wasted unloading a jumbled mess.


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