Managing Moving Day Mishaps

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Finding a solution to every nightmare

Imagine yourself on moving day surrounded by boxes with no moving truck in sight. Or maybe a blizzard hits, causing treacherous traveling conditions on the big day. Picture yourself unpacking your belongings only to find your most prized possession shattered at the bottom of a box.

Moving day nightmares can take on many forms – in fact, hundreds of disgruntled movers have shared their own horror stories of moving days gone awry. Below are some of the highlights as well as some tips from the Duck® brand on how to prevent these nightmares from happening to you.

Step 1

Problem: A packing fiasco. Your attempt to transport your priceless antique ends in collecting thousands of pieces of glass when it arrives shattered.

Solution: Take extra time and care when packing up breakables – wrap items in Bubble Wrap® cushioning or packing paper and make sure to clearly indicate on the outside of the box that items inside are fragile.

Step 2

Problem: Pets on the loose. While en route to your new home, your pet (whether that be a dog, cat or tarantula) goes missing.


Solution: Make sure everyone is accounted for before you leave. For identification purposes, have an updated photo and description of your pet with you while you move. Once you arrive to your new place, be sure to place your pet safely in a room with a sign on the door to prevent escape.

Step 3

Problem: Inclement weather. A thunderstorm on moving day causes long delays in your moving plans. Once you finally arrive, your new place is pitch black since the wind knocked down nearby power lines.

Solution: Check weather reports and make sure you have a back-up weather plan. Also, pack a first night survival kit with contact numbers, medications, first aid supplies, flashlights, batteries, tool kit, duct tape, snacks, bottled water, sleeping bags and a change of clothes.

Step 4

Problem: Down and dirty. After spending several hours cleaning your old place before leaving, you arrive to your new home to find the previous owners weren’t as considerate.

Solution: Get organized before moving everything in. Tasks like cleaning, sweeping, laying down shelf liner and baby-proofing should be at the top of your to-do list. To avoid double-duty, get chores like this done before moving in the rest of your belongings.

Moving does not have to be a taxing and stressful process. With a little help and preparation, the day can go by much quicker and easier than you may have expected.

Step 5

Problem: Professional movers find additional costs. Your moving company arrives late on the big day and takes longer than expected to pack up the truck and arrive at your new place. You are then charged an additional amount for the extra time it took for the move.

Solution: Do extensive research before choosing a moving company. Get referrals from past customers and make sure all the details of the delivery are confirmed on paper, including any additional costs that may be incurred.


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