Painting Tips from the Pros

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Tools of the trade

According to the DIY Network, painting is now the number one home-improvement project tackled by Americans. But how do you ensure professional results? To make the project easier, professional painters recommend a few “must-haves" on the job.

Step 1

Sandpaper or Sanding Blocks


·         Sand over walls and baseboards to create a smooth surface to ensure paint will adhere effectively and evenly. 


·         A durable aluminum oxide, A-weight paper with 100- to 150-grit is suitable for most general purpose sanding applications.


Step 2



·         A professional painter’s secret weapon, this practical tool can be used to open paint cans, clean rollers, scrape peeling paint, remove old caulk, open cracks and apply putty. 


Step 3

Painter’s Tape


·         To help create a professional looking paint job, use painter’s grade masking tape to cover and protect any areas not to be painted. 



·         When covering delicate surfaces such as wallpaper, treated woodwork and drywall, be sure to use a low tack adhesive masking tape, such as Duck® brandClean Release® Painter's Tape, to ensure that delicate surfaces will not be damaged when removing the tape.



Step 4

Paint Brushes and Rollers


·         A quality brush makes it easier to apply paint evenly.


·         Use a one- to two-inch, high-quality, nylon/polyester, angled brush because they can be used with all coatings, hold paint better and provide better brush control where detail is necessary.


·         The right roller is dependent on the type of paint being applied, so look for a roller that is specified for the paint finish you have selected (i.e., gloss, satin, flat, etc.)


Step 5

Interior Latex Paint


·         For most indoor applications, latex interior paints are ideal since they are formulated for durability and stain resistance, splatter resistance and easy touch-up. Latex paints are also easy to work with and dry quickly.



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