Bike Repair and Cycling

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The Duck brand knows bikes

Duct tape  is America’s fix-it, and its uses are endless. Duct tape can be a cyclist’s best friend, whether it’s helping patch a tube, hold a water bottle or keep your feet dry. Check out other ways that duct tape can help you complete your next bike adventure.

Step 1

·         Temporarily patch a tube


·         Fix rips and tears in bike seat


·         Fix a bike rack, or secure the straps on one


·         Use as a quick fix for bike parts like tire levers and spokes


·         Fix equipment such as tire pumps, helmets, shoes, gloves and pads


·         Fix a broken backpack hydration system


Step 2

·         Create a water bottle holder


·         Attach your bags under the seat


Step 3

·         Mark your bike with one of the more than 20 different colors or patterns of Duck® brand duct tape




·         Put your name on your back with a strip of tape so people can cheer for you on a race, or strike up a conversation at a stop




·         Tape down your riding number




·         Pick a color for your team, like fluorescent orange, for easy identification on the trail




·         Mark bags, water bottles and tools for easy identification and location




And More...

·         Make a bike seat water-resistant, or make removable seat covers


·         Use duct tape to add water resistance to storage bags


·         Use on handlebars for extra grip


·         Tape the ends of shoes to keep feet warm and dry


·         Tape your seat cushion in place so it doesn’t move to one side or the other


·         Tape shoelaces down to prevent them from coming untied



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