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The Duck knows the outdoors

Duct tape is America’s fix-it, and its uses are endless. Duct tape can be an outdoor adventurist’s best friend, whether it’s helping repair a leaky roof, close food packages or label gear. Check out other way’s that duct tape can help you complete your next big outdoor adventure.

Step 1

·         Fix holes in clothes and gear caused by wear, tear or small animals

·         Repair a leaking shelter roof

·         Mend a broken or torn tent, backpack or sleeping bag

·         Repair or reinforce pack belt and supports

·         Tie frayed shoelaces down

·         Hold gaiters and rain gear together – duct tape is water-resistant

·         Patch holes in netting to keep bugs away

Step 2

·         Close bags and packages of food 

·         Make a lightweight, durable wallet to hold basic items such as money, identification and credit cards

·         Keep matchbooks dry by putting them between layers of duct tape

·         Tape over shoelaces so they don’t come untied

·         Seal off pant bottoms or other openings in clothes to prevent contact with poisonous plants and pesky bugs

·         Protect and mark water bottles

·         Cover books and journals to protect them from the elements

And More...

·         Tape interesting souvenirs and memorabilia inside a journal

·         Make an original duct tape nametag with your trail name on it

·         Tape the tops of bottles and any other containers that could potentially spring a leak

·         Bundle items together to save space – the tighter things are packed, the more room there is

·         Fix or make a dog leash

·         Create a rope out of duct tape stuck to itself – use on tent, as a clothesline, for pulling, etc.

·         Label gear with duct tape for easy equipment identification

·         Mark trails in the woods to make it easier to find the way home


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