Duck Tape®: The Travel Companion

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The Duck brand knows travelers

For work or pleasure, many travelers never plan for mishaps that could spoil or delay the trip. But by packing the right tool – duct tape – you can be on your way in no time.


America’s beloved fix-all isn’t just for around-the-house repairs. Known for its versatility and strength, duct tape can be used in a variety of situations, whether at home or away. Below are just a few of the ways people are using duct tape to aid in their travels.

Step 1

·         Use fluorescent green, yellow, pink or orange Duck® brand X-Factor™ duct tape on luggage to ensure easy identification at baggage claim





·         Secure a luggage tag to prevent it from getting lost or make a new one in a bind





·         Tape together items in your suitcase, like snorkeling supplies, so they take up less space




·         Tape tops of shampoo bottles and other bottled items to prevent spills





·         Use Duck Tape® and Bubble Wrap®to keep breakables, like souvenirs and presents, safe from damage





·         Reinforce luggage in worn areas





·         Tape items, such as shoes, to inside of luggage to keep from moving around





·         Secure and control cords of hair dryers/curling irons





·         Bundle loose items together





Step 2

·         Use as a temporary clothesline in the hotel room




·         Use Duck® brand duct tapeto hide valuables (tape under hotel tables or chairs, but don’t forget!)




·         Tape window curtains together to keep sun out of hotel room




Step 3

·         Tape together snorkeling supplies for each traveler



·         Tape plastic bags shut that contain wet bathing suits, etc.



·         Temporarily patch holes in rafts



·         Mark your beach umbrella with Duck® brand X-Factorduct tape for ease of spotting your location from far away



·         Keep shells inside of buckets, or tape shells together for travel



·         Cover holes or leaks in rafts, water toys, or tents



Step 4

·         Temporarily repair tears and hems in clothes


·         Keep extra buttons, safety pins, thread and needles secured onto a piece of tape for ease of location


·         Remove hair and lint easily from clothing


·         Tape over holes in the toes of shoes to keep feet warm and dry


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