How to Install Your Duck® Brand Double Draft Seal

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Properly sealing and insulating your home can be an easy way to increase comfort, save money on energy costs and increase home energy efficiency.

Washing Instructions.

Remove the tubes. Machine wash in cold water (delicate cycle). Line dry.

Tools Needed

Scissors or serrated knife

Step 1: Assemble the foam tubes. (for measuring with door or window)

Insert plain foam tubes into the plastic connector about half way. Insert second foam tube from the other end to make one long piece. Repeat with the remaining two foam tubes.

Step 2: Measure the foam tubes.

Measure the connected foam tubes against the inside width of the door or window. The total length of the connected foam tubes should be 1 inch shorter than the inside width of the door or window. If necessary cut the connected foam tubes on one end with scissors or serrated knife.

Step 3: Insert foam tubes into the cover.

For easier insertion into the stretchy fabric cover, disconnect the foam tubes at the connector. Insert them into the cover through the middle opening and then re-connect the foam tubes with the plastic connector. Double Draft Seal is now ready to install.

Step 4: Install on an internal or external door.

Slide the flat middle part of the Double Draft Seal under the door with the elastic straps facing up and the tubes on either side of the door. Slide it slightly past the end of the door, then pull back to help the elastic strap “grab” the far end (hinged side) of the door. Lift the elastic straps and secure them into place on each side of the door. This will complete your installation.

About the stretchy fabric cover.

The cover is made of heavy-duty, abrasion-resistant fabric that works on all floor types. It is 26 inches long and stretches to fit doors or windows up to 36 inches wide.

Install on a Window.

Open the window. Place the Double Draft Seal on the sash. Close the window on the flat middle part of the Double Draft Seal.


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