The Right Seal to Keep Cold Out

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The Duck has a solution for nearly any application

When determining the right seal, it is important to consider what material and profile is best for the job. The Duck® brand markets a variety of weather seals to provide consumers with a specialized product for nearly any application.


Step 1


·         Insulating Foam or Rubber Tapes (closed cell foam)

Better insulation than open cell foam; high-density; self-adhesive.


·         Vinyl or Rubber Gasket Weather Seals

Extremely durable; designed for exterior nail-on application.

Step 2


·         Foam Tape

For wood trimmed windows and doors; ideal for exterior applications.


·         Insulating Felt Strip

Good for temporary application; economical; nails or staples on.

Step 3


·         Super “V” Weatherseal

Narrow profile is best for use on doors and variable gaps



·         Super “P” Tubular Weatherseal

“P”-shaped profile is best for Medium sized doors and windows



·         Super “R” Ribbed Weatherseal

The ribbed channels are great for all-purpose sealing applications on doors or windows



·         Super “E” Weatherseal

Two deep channels make this profile ideal for small gaps around the home



·         Super “D” Weatherseal

“D-shaped” profile offers larger area of rubber to block large gaps

Step 4

EPDM (Ethylene Propylene-Diene Monomer) Rubber Seals

The strongest and most durable seal, with excellent weathering and aging resistance. Great for sealing leaks all year round.

Acrylic Latex Caulk

Long-lasting; easy to use; adheres to a variety of surfaces.


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