Bunny Treat Bag Step 1

Step 1

Cut three strips of tape that are a slightly longer than the size of your waist.

Bunny Treat Bag Step 2

Step 2

Fold each strip lengthwise, sticky side to sticky side, making a thinner double sided strip of tape.

Bunny Treat Bag Step 3

Step 3

After you have three double sided strips of tape, cut off any excess on each end to give it a clean look.

Bunny Treat Bag Step 4

Step 4

Loop all three strips of tape through the belt buckle.

Bunny Treat Bag Step 5

Step 5

Wrap a piece of tape around the strips to secure them around the belt buckle.

Bunny Treat Bag Step 6

Step 6

Start braiding your strips together. You can tape down your belt buckle end to the crafting board so the belt won't shift while you're braiding.

Step 7

Once you've braided your entire belt, secure the ends of the strips together with a piece of tape.

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