Two thin strips of prism tape the correct size to cover the top and bottom sides of a clothespin

Step 1

Take your clothespin and prism tape, and measure how make tape you will need for both sides of the clothes pin.

Prism tape from the previous step applied to the clothes pin

Step 2

Attach the tape to the clothespin, and then flip the clothespin over to cut off any excess tape around the edges.

strips of Washi tape applied to a piece of card stock

Step 3

Next come the wings. Place a 3 in. and 4 in. strip of washi tape onto the card stock and then cut the strips out.

edges of the washi tape/card stock strips rounded off

Step 4

Using scissors, round the edges of the card stock and tape so they resemble wings.

double stick tape applied to the center of each wing from the previous step. Wings are then placed into the clothes pin

Step 5

Place a piece of double sided tape in the middle of each wing. Then, open the clothespin and place the wings on the inside.

googly eyes added to the clothes pin to complete the dragonfly

Step 6

Finally, take the googly eyes and place them on the top of the clothespin.