Dowel rod being wrapped in Duck Tape

Step 1

Cover your dowel rod in Duck Tape®.

handle area of the rod being covered with brown Duck Tape

Step 2

For the handle, cover the bottom of the dowel rod in Duck Tape®.

String being attached to the Rod to serve as the line

Step 3

For the fishing line, cut a 54 in. long piece of yarn and tape the end of it right next to the handle, then again in the middle of the rod, and then at the end of the rod.

Metal washer being tied to the end of the fishing line

Step 4

Tie a metal washer to the end of the fishing line.

Fish shapes being drawn on the backing of Duck Prism sheets

Step 5

Draw shapes for your sea creatures on the back of a Duck Prism® Sheet. You will need 2 identical shapes for each of your creatures.

Fish shapes being cut out of Duck Prism sheet

Step 6

Cut out your shapes.

Magnet being placed in between to fish shaped pieces of Duck Prism Sheet

Step 7

Remove the backing of each shape and place a magnet in the middle of each creature so it's sandwiched in between the 2 pieces.

Array of completed magnetic fish cutouts

Step 8

Repeat steps 5-7 to create other sea creatures.

completed Duck tape fishing game

Step 9

Go fishing!