Washi tape fabric square

Step 1

Make a piece of washi fabric that is 3 in. x 3 in.

Square from previous step folded in half to make a triangle. Two cuts going half way across the triangle

Step 2

Fold it in half to make a triangle. Cut 2 parallel lines along the folded triangle.

fabric from previous steps unfolded

Step 3

Unfold your fabric and it should have 3 triangles cut out on each side.

corners of the smaller inner triangles taped together with Crystal Clear Tape

Step 4

With the crystal clear tape, tape the two smallest points of the inside triangles together.

tape the middle, medium sized triangles together in the opposite direction as the previous step

Step 5

Flip it over, repeat step 3 with the next largest triangles.

tape the largest, outside triangles' tips together in the opposite direction as the previous step

Step 6

Flip it over another time and tape the two largest triangles together.

Steps 1-6 repeated 6 more times

Step 7

Repeat steps 1-6 until you have 7 total shapes.

all of the points of the shapes made in the previous steps pointed inward, and facing the same direction to form a snowflake shape

Step 8

Arrange them in a circle so they're all pointing the same way and creating the snowflake shape. Use strips of crystal clear tape to connect all the bottom and middle of the shapes. Add your string.