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Duck Tape® Pink Ribbon

Ducktivity provided by Duck® Brand

A Duck Tape® pink ribbon is a simple and colorful craft that makes more than a fashion statement.Follow these instructions below to learn how to make your own breast cancer awareness pink ribbon for yourself and your family and friends.

Skill Level: 


Approximate Crafting Time: 


Supplies and Tools:

  • Pink Duck Tape®
  • Scissors
  • Craft board (optional)


  • Step 1

    Cut a 12 in. strip of pink Duck Tape®.

  • Step 2

    Carefully fold the strip lengthwise, sticky side to sticky side, to create a thinner double-sided strip.

  • Step 3

    Lay the left side of the double sided ribbon over the right side, creating a loop at the top. 

  • Step 4

     Secure the ribbon together by placing a small piece of Duck Tape® between the pieces on the back.

  • Step 5

    Cut the ends of the ribbon at an angle. 


  • rhonda.merrill.9 about a month ago

  • skyy95 about a month ago
    love this

  • katherine.e.r.root about a month ago
    someone should use that for charity! :D

  • kristy77 about a month ago

  • blakeseig about 2 months ago

  • Donna Porter about 2 months ago
    Nice for Cancer awareness...

  • DreamingDuctTape about 2 months ago
    Cancer awareness! Great idea!

  • himanisilky about 3 months ago
    I used to do this on events :)

  • MomOfDaHouse about 3 months ago
    Great idea,

  • LovesTeaching21 about 3 months ago
    Very good idea and there are so many other causes that have ribbons in their specific color too.

  • Leslie@777 about 3 months ago
    like ie

  • FNazBD about 3 months ago

  • judy.suehrspellman about 4 months ago
    This is great for so many causes!

  • denisebuff about 4 months ago

  • caraleann99 about 5 months ago

  • Klocknerrr about 5 months ago

  • nova62011 about 5 months ago
    Tie Dye for Shrooms :)

  • eusalyk about 6 months ago
    orange for leukemia

  • cards81835 about 7 months ago
    Don't just do pink. Do the other colors for other causes too.

  • martabennett1971 about 7 months ago
    give breast cancer the boot

  • Suuf about 7 months ago

  • eusalyk about 7 months ago
    def making these soon

  • karategirl about 7 months ago
    very pretty!

  • samantha.christie.5 about 8 months ago

  • StuckOnYou about 8 months ago

  • snevels about 8 months ago

  • eusalyk about 8 months ago
    Perfect for a current loved one!

  • shawconway about 8 months ago

  • jamieWalker about 9 months ago

  • beaukatz about 9 months ago

  • bubby1993 about 9 months ago

  • amortier about 9 months ago

  • muskokadave2003 about 9 months ago
    Great idea, with hundreds of colours & designs of duck tape to use

  • rachael.benoit.3 about 9 months ago

  • donaalex about 10 months ago

  • flyfly123 about 10 months ago
    aww cute

  • denisebuff about 10 months ago

  • pahhistings about 10 months ago

  • hellokittyyyy about 10 months ago

  • elsafrozedn about 10 months ago

  • sandra.lindleyhammar about 11 months ago

  • StuckOnYou about 11 months ago

  • amefb5 about 11 months ago
    Very easy

  • karinna.clemo.rodgers about 11 months ago
    great idea

  • kimbo123143 about 11 months ago
    Love It!

  • whitval05 about 12 months ago

  • djfields about 12 months ago

  • beaukatz about 12 months ago

  • jamieWalker about 12 months ago

  • jamieWalker about 12 months ago

  • FNazBD about 12 months ago

  • FNazBD about 12 months ago

  • molly.bennett.96 about 12 months ago

  • courtney.newman.14 about 12 months ago

  • danielle.george.984 about 12 months ago

  • duckcraftsgirl about 13 months ago

  • kamrakats about 13 months ago
    Big or small the meaning of this ribbon packs a punch!

  • chloe817 about 13 months ago

  • redgouki2 about 13 months ago

  • joy.mccollumporter about 14 months ago

  • kaia bug about 14 months ago
    it might be simple but breast cancer awarness is endless

  • moonglo615 about 14 months ago
    love it

  • LadyStar10 about 14 months ago

  • ducttaper45 about 14 months ago

  • elenaki44 about 14 months ago
    I'm a breast cancer survivor and I'm going to make this!

  • debbie.j.stivers about 14 months ago
    I really like this one .

  • craftsbydaniela about 14 months ago

  • sherry.meeks.96 about 14 months ago

  • dotdel59 about 14 months ago
    love it

  • Yellow Ducky about 15 months ago

  • heavynkaypowell about 15 months ago
    But its sweet

  • heavynkaypowell about 15 months ago
    Self explanatory

  • Emma1351 about 15 months ago

  • Jenni21 about 15 months ago
    Love it!

  • molly.priester about 16 months ago
    so cool

  • susan.smithscardina about 16 months ago
    can't get any easier than that!

  • megan.santilli.5 about 16 months ago
    looks easy enough

  • musiccrazy247 about 16 months ago

  • evilmanmike about 16 months ago

  • allirein about 17 months ago
    so sweet

  • eli15876 about 17 months ago
    i made this because my grandfather died of breast cancer

  • nmeittunen about 17 months ago

  • jenny.butts.52 about 17 months ago
    i really like this one because my mom had breast cancer now i have something to make her

  • ductsmart about 17 months ago
    My grandma had brestcancer and I am going to make this for her

  • teagy101 about 17 months ago
    This looks very easy. Gotta make this

  • shannan.robeton about 17 months ago

  • flyfly123 about 17 months ago

  • animagus731 about 18 months ago

  • djfields about 18 months ago

  • mrscox32 about 18 months ago
    too cute

  • horsegal1401 about 18 months ago
    Really nice. I'm all for breast cancer.

  • fubarred about 18 months ago

  • JBailey5 about 18 months ago

  • jarrasomnia about 18 months ago
    great use of duct tape

  • aducktaper_ about 18 months ago
    great way to show your support! we will beat cancer!

  • citlaly45 about 18 months ago

  • bellarachelscrafts about 18 months ago
    nice idea

  • duckman999 about 19 months ago

  • oriannacrafting about 19 months ago
    green for mental illness awareness

  • winifred.boyce.98 about 19 months ago
    i like it

  • sara.z about 19 months ago
    Simple and supportive!

  • sara.z about 19 months ago
    Simple and supportive!

  • love7601 about 19 months ago
    it sooo easy to do i love it

  • GUMMYBEAR about 19 months ago

  • soni about 19 months ago

  • sonam about 19 months ago

  • crackolackin about 19 months ago

  • manon.dumay.716 about 19 months ago
    Very nice

  • lori.gazaille about 19 months ago
    This is a fantastic idea!

  • pillowback3lw1@aol.com about 19 months ago
    Very cool!!

  • holly.adams.18 about 19 months ago
    Love it

  • mrscox32 about 19 months ago
    very neat

  • marmullenax about 20 months ago
    like this very much

  • soleil.drew about 20 months ago
    perfect and simple

  • fanJules about 20 months ago
    I lové it

  • maranda.smith.3532 about 20 months ago
    will someone please make a orange for my brother. he has leukemia

  • katrin96840 about 20 months ago
    simple but meaningful

  • barbara.richmond2 about 21 months ago
    Neat idea!

  • jwargo about 21 months ago
    these are easy and awesome for things like motorcycle runs

  • TINK17 about 21 months ago
    simply adorable!! I have family members who have had breast cancer. Will be making these!!

  • poohbear820 about 21 months ago
    This is a good idea to support almost anything. LOVE IT!!!

  • PKozma about 22 months ago

  • kylesmom44055 about 22 months ago
    if only there was autism awareness duct tape....hmmm

  • Auntieboo41 about 22 months ago

  • Kyash about 22 months ago
    i make this for my friends all the time

  • Kyash about 22 months ago
    i make this all the time for my friends

  • romeroc58 about 22 months ago

  • mrsmader2000 about 22 months ago
    i am making one for my grandmother

  • duckiegirl47 about 25 months ago
    Great craft! I'm making mine with gold tape so I will have a gold ribbon for Childhood Cancer Awareness in honor of my son, Detric, who just finished chemo and has 3 years in remission so far!

  • kittylover01 about 30 months ago
    I made one of these and put it on our fridge.It was so simple and everyone loves the idea of showing support!

  • iluvducttape159 about 31 months ago
    It's really easy to do my friend asked me where I got it, I told her I made it, she wanted one so bad...

  • peetachipwut about 40 months ago
    cool!!! luv the idea. its great if u r tryin to raise money 4 cancer!!

  • the lost dragon about 41 months ago
    As soon as i get pink ducktape I am so making thie

  • penguinb about 41 months ago
    I made my own version of this. I am going to try and sell them and donate some of the money to Breast Cancer Awareness Research!!!!

  • Juliaromie about 43 months ago
    i made it and turned out pretty well, although i am still confused by the loop. i do not think mine was supposed to be that way. oh well. i will keep on trying

  • Torrie Reisman about 44 months ago
    i love this!!!!!!!!!

  • LCono23 about 46 months ago
    I have 2 friends who have been touched by Breast Cancer and my Grandma Alesia has Carcinoid, and this is the perfect way to show your support. Carcinoid Cancer is Black/White white, so there is some Zebra Duck Brand Duct Tape in me and my friends' future.

  • ALoverofTape about 47 months ago
    This would be really fun to make plus raise awareness of breast cancer.

  • GleeGirl about 48 months ago

  • DucktapeM about 48 months ago
    I love this one I am gonna try and make it !!!!!

  • larah2001 about 48 months ago
    my mom is a breast cancer survivor, and we have a cancer support group for people who's lives have been touched by cancer, and I think yhis would be the perfect craft to make at our next support group meeting! =D~

  • keke about 48 months ago
    Ima definetly have to go try this it looks simple to do....

  • millimandtk about 48 months ago
    this thing is awesome:D

  • peace_luv_and_duck_tape about 48 months ago
    Looks Really simple, but its such a great way to raise awarness. ive been wanting to do more at school... good idea!I know someone with breast cancer, and i want to help as much as possible.

  • diggermann454 about 49 months ago
    This site rocks.

  • soda about 49 months ago

  • monkeysgobananas365 about 49 months ago
    I love this!! it looks amazing!!! how did you come up with this design.

  • hawaii504 about 50 months ago
    you know instead of using a small piece of tape to hold the thing together you could use magnets so then it would come together and apart when it need to

  • starwarsgirl about 50 months ago
    I made this and stuck it to the back of my mom's van. This is awesome and easy :)

  • <3ducktape4life about 50 months ago
    great idea to spread awareness!! seems very simple, i think i'll try it later!! :)

  • Missducttapegal about 50 months ago
    It's really cool. I made it for my Mom who was just diagnosed with Breast Cancer. It was very simple, but I am A duct tape pro! :D

  • noelle515 about 50 months ago
    The cool thing about this is there is diffrent color ribbons for diffrent diseases. I made a blue one to prevent child abuse!

  • DeannaOckunzzi about 51 months ago
    I really do like this.

  • DeannaOckunzzi about 51 months ago
    This is a very nice idea.

  • psbrady1 about 51 months ago
    This is great! My son-inlaw was diagnosed with breast cancer and just had breast surgery! I will make for all! Tnks for this!

  • TheDuctTapeDiva about 51 months ago
    Thank you for supporting this :)My grandma died in 2009 of breast cancer, so it means a lot that you are supporting this :) Thank you Duck Brand!!!!!

  • StickySensationsInc about 51 months ago
    My grandma died of breast cancer :( So thank you for supporting and reconizing this :)

  • monkeyboy1117 about 51 months ago
    I love the checkered tape it is cool with anything!

  • Duckonators about 52 months ago
    very rad me & my crew made a turquoise and checkered one so CHECK OUT OUR PROFILE tHE DUCANATORS BIZ

  • thunder27 about 52 months ago
    i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • duckbrand123 about 53 months ago
    it IS easy to make, I tried.

  • stickystuff0216 about 55 months ago

  • RamziSaleh about 58 months ago
    Whoever made this tried to make two strips of tape seem fun by making it represent breast cancer awareness.

  • ccgirl3 about 60 months ago
    really cute It was perfect for support breast cancer week at my school!

  • shugert about 60 months ago
    What a wonderful idea! I have to go to Walmart to get some funky flamingo!

  • GetAMac1998 about 60 months ago
    I think that this is very cute and that it is a good thing 2 make for Breast Cancer Awareness month! :D

  • kcap2143 about 61 months ago
    OMG! this is what ive been looking for FOREVER! thanks soooo much! im raising money for cancer and this will be PERFECT to sell :)

  • Alexx_the_Awesome about 61 months ago
    Easy to make and very cute. Perfect for breast cancer awareness month this October.

  • spongeforgood1 about 61 months ago
    great idea to raise awarness throughout the world with ehat people like to do as a hobby, making duck tape crafts. i think thats a realy cool idea!

  • ilovesabie about 61 months ago
    looks very simple