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Susan's Saved Ducktivities

  • Woven Women's Purse

    This is the same as a ducktivity posted by duck brand but made for me with my favorite colors! It t…

  • Duck tape Assignment book

    This little notebook cover holds a pad of paper and pencil so that you can take notes, make a to-do …

  • Checkered bifold wallet

    This is a checkered bifold wallet with pastel blue and pink in the billfold (half and half). It has …

  • Pink bifold wallet

    This is a pink bifold wallet with chrome inside the bifold. It has 3 pink card pockets with black tr…

  • owlete

    i created this with the help of my friend

  • Duck tape zip pouch

    This cute pouch is created with Duck tape, and closes with a zipper. It is great for pens and pencil…

  • Duct Tape Wallet: Minecraft

    Creeper Wallet -4 pockets, 2 V pockets, and a billfold -design is hand cut by me and is clear taped …

  • Duct Tape Braided Belt

    This Belt ends up looking awesome! Step 1: Make 8 long strips of duct tape fabric, any color or patt…

  • Duck tape notebook cover

    My notebooks always get beat up in my backpack, so I created a cover to keep them from falling apart…

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Susan's Submitted Ducktivities

Susan has not submitted any Ducktivities yet.