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Tammy's Saved Ducktivities

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Tammy's Submitted Ducktivities

  • Bow Cufflet/bracelet

    Was trying to think of a EASY thing to do with my step-daughter which is 11 and she loved this idea …

  • Red Bandana Clutch/Wallet

    Has a Magnetic Closure on inside has 8 credit card Slots and a envelope style coin pouch in yellow a…

  • Mama and Baby Flowers

    This was my first attempt at flowers and it took a while (being new to duct tape) the petals took a…

  • Fourth of July Mini TOP Hat

    You can wear this attached to a bobby pin or headband for fourth of July Made my niece one and she i…

  • Bow Purse with Wrislet

    This is NO Sew purse (thanks duct tape Susie) Thought it was a very cute purse and was easier to mak…

  • Leopard Pencil Pouch

    This is a 9 inch long by 4 inch wide standard pencil pouch

  • Fringed Duct Tape Pillow

    Was looking for something for my step daughter and she loves pillows

  • Starburst Hair Clip

    Also can be used as a accent on a purse

  • Coin Pouch

    I really wanted something simple for a coin pouch . Thought it turned out really cute

  • Wallet with Checkbook Flap

    Wanted a wallet with a zipper and checkbook flap thought this one was a cute color pattern

  • Ruffled Coin Pouch

    My niece wanted something cute something with FLAIR she is three years old.