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Emma's Saved Ducktivities

  • Duck Tape® Fox Backpack

    Carry your style anywhere you go this year with a Duck Tape® fox backpack. By using your favorit…

  • Duck Tape® School Supply Case

    Looking for something simple and inexpensive to put your new school supplies in? Just grab a sandwic…

  • Accordian Wallet

    This is a really cool teal and black accordion wallet with a velrco opening. Sorry, its worn because…

  • Duck Tape® Tablet Cover

    Cover your tablet in style by creating a case made of your favorite Duck Tape® color or design!

  • Duct tape folder

    I took a an old beat up folder and made it stylish and more sturdy. it had so many tares in it, but …

  • Proud to be an American

    Feeling very patriotic today

  • 4th of July Dress

    this is the dress i made for my little sister for a 4th of july parade. I submitted a seperate thing…

  • Candy Corn Costume

    I was inspired by a Ducktivity treat bag in the shape of a candy corn, thought it would make a cool …

  • Pokemon Wallet

    pikachu on front pokeball on back tell me what u think

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