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Dawnie's Saved Ducktivities

  • Duck Tape® Tablet Cover

    Cover your tablet in style by creating a case made of your favorite Duck Tape® color or design!

  • Duck Tape® Braided Belt

    Give your look a new twist with your favorite Duck Tape® colors and prints!

  • Pink flower bag

    A simple shoulder bag made using pink and pastel pink tape. I made the flower on the front by making…

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Dawnie's Submitted Ducktivities

  • paper pocket

    I needed a place to put some note cards in my notebook, so I made a pocket

  • Aloha Duck Fabric

    I thought these two colors would go well together to make Duck Fabric

  • Color Waves Duck Fabric

    Duck Fabric

  • leopard wallet

    simple leopard wallet

  • Calla Lilies

    My attempt at making the Featured Ducktivitie, Calla Lilies

  • First attempt flower pen

    This was my first attempt at the flower pen. I have made more since

  • Green Zip Pouch

    A smaller version of a "pencil pouch" but used for smaller items

  • Mini Woven Coin Purse

    I love the way the woven looks so I thought I would try it downsized, either way same stuff

  • Green Multi Flower Pen

    I am trying to "perfect" my flower making skills.

  • Miniature Top Hat

    A small sized version of a top hat! Perfect for children who had dolls or stuffed animals

  • Bouquet

    Practicing my flower making skills so I made a bouquet

  • Kissin' Kozies

    I made a couple of these "Kozies" out of the leopard print tape.

  • Purple Zebra Book Bag

    I took the instructions for the beach bag and altered them to make this book bag

  • Simple Owl Card Holder

    A holder for credit cards and misc cards to slip right in a purse

  • Letter sized zip owl pouch

    This zip bag will hold plenty of full size pieces of paper laid flat

  • Pink Circle Wallet

    These are two of my favorites Duck Tapes and I just love them together

  • Bunny duck tape dress

    My daughter wanted me to make a duct tape dress for her stuffed bunny so I fashioned a summer dress …

  • Black & Pink Woven Clutch

    I used the Duck Brand Ducktivitie for the woven clutch

  • Zebra Card Holder

    I made the card holder Ducktivitie using the zebra print

  • Water Bottle Carrier

    I am obsessed with duct tape crafts and am always looking for ideas and projects, this is one I foun…

  • Pink Zebra Purse

    I made a purse using white zebra, hot pink & black Duck Tape. I braided the hot pink and white zebra…

  • Purple Butterfly Zip Pouch

    I took a ziplock freezer bag and cut the zipper part off and made it in to an envelope embellished w…

  • Rainbow Mat

    I took 1 inch strips of tape and left one side with the sticky part exposed and weaved them together…

  • Small Book Bag

    This bag can be used for anything on the smaller size or lighter load

  • Skull Kite

    This is made out Duck Tape, however it has not been flown yet, it may be to heavy but looks great on…

  • Lunch Bag

    This is a view of the backside of a lunch bag I made for my sister. Complete with a matching spiral…

  • Color Block Windsock

    I have made several of the windsocks and this is by far my favorite combonation

  • Bandana Bifold Wallet

    I made this wallet out of the new Red Bandana Duck Tape!

  • Large Flat Rainbow Flower

    Instead of building a flower with petals around a pen, I wanted to see how it would look working the…

  • Colorful Water Bottle Holder

    I made a water bottle holder with a piece of tarp in order to save on duct tape. The handle is remov…

  • Flat Round Petal Flower

    This is a large flat flower with round petals

  • Patriotic Pinwheel

    I used instructions for a pencil topper pinwheel and made it larger. It was trial and error to get i…

  • Beads

    Made a few different beads from duct tape

  • Small Drawstring Bag

    I had instructions for a larger size drawstring bag, but since I haven't made one before I decided t…

  • Neon Houndstooth Wallet

    Simple wallet made out of one of my favorite Duck Tape prints

  • Car Trash Bag

    I have a trash bag in my car and I mimicked the design to make one for my friends new car out of duc…

  • Brown & Pink Wallet

    Just made a wallet with brown and pink duck tape

  • Little Pink Giraffe Bow

    I made a small bow out of Duck Brand Pink Giraffe Duck Tape

  • Notebook Cover-up

    I took an old spiral notebook I had and covered it with Duck Tape and added a loop to hold my pen/pe…

  • Wild Hearts Water Bottle Holdr

    I used a piece of tarp for the inside and covered it with duck tape. You can make different length o…

  • Real Tree Camo Wallet

    I made a duct tape wallet out of the Real Tree Camo duck tape

  • Mini-Glitter iPod Clutch

    I used some of the glitter Duck Tape and made a little clutch to hold my iPod

  • Pumpkin Trick o Treat Bag

    I alternated black tape and glow in the dark pumpkins

  • Argyle Tote

    Ever since I saw Duct Tape Susie's You Tube video on how to make the totes, I haven't stopped since!…

  • Pink Zebra Tote

    I made a tote out of the pink zebra duct tape

  • Black Mash Up Tote

    I made a tote with duct tape but added an extra pocket area on the outside.

  • Blue Lace Flower Pen

    Made a pen with duct tape

  • Fun Bike Pack

    This is a pouch that you attach to your handlebars on a bike.