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A Message from the Avon Heritage Festival Planning Committee:

After careful consideration, we have made the decision to dissolve the Avon Heritage Festival Committee, which means we will not be planning a festival for 2024.

This committee was created over 20 years ago to bring a fun family activity to the community of Avon. Through our long-term collaboration with Shurtape Technologies, LLC, and with the support received from the City of Avon, we planned an event that grew bigger and bigger each year and provided many memorable moments to all who attended. This decision was not made easily, and we all have very mixed emotions about it.

Each of us on the current committee has put many hours of our lives into the Festival, as have all committee members before us. We made great connections with others who provided support to our team, including sponsors, vendors, volunteers and festival attendees. Mostly we enjoyed knowing what we did provided enjoyment to others.

Thank you to everyone who has been part of this amazing ride with us. We hope everyone who has participated in any part of the last 20 years of this Festival enjoyed it as much, if not more than we did!


The Avon Heritage Festival Committee

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