9 Storage Ideas for Home Organizers

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101 Uses of Shelf Liner

It’s not just used for cabinets anymore. Shelf liner is breaking out of the kitchen with these unexpected uses for Easy Liner® Shelf Liner.

Modern Pantry Makeover with Non-Adhesive Shelf Liner

Update your pantry, and wire shelves, with Clear Classic® EasyLiner® Brand Shelf Liner for a modern look.

Rustic Pantry Makeover with Adhesive Shelf Liner

Give your pantry a simple and stylish makeover with printed EasyLiner® Brand Shelf Liner.

Back-To-School Hacks With Shelf Liner

Get prepared for a smooth transition back-to-school with these helpful EasyLiner® Brand Shelf Liner hacks in the dorm, classroom and around the house.

6 EasyLiner® Shelf Liner Hacks For Dorms

Go back to college in style! Find out how to dress up your dorm room with these six simple shelf liner hacks.

3 EasyLiner® Shelf Liner Hacks for the Classroom

Back to school organization as easy as 1-2-3. These three shelf liner hacks will keep your classroom in tip-top shape.

5 EasyLiner® Shelf Liner Hacks for the Classroom

Get back in the classroom with some extra help from shelf liner. These five hacks will keep you organized all year long.

How To Use Non-Adhesive EasyLiner® Shelf Liners

Watch this EasyLiner® video on how to use non-adhesive shelf liners for various projects. These liners are easy to cut, install, replace, and position but they stay in place until you're ready to move them.

How To Use EasyLiner® Adhesive Shelf Liner

Watch this EasyLiner® video on how to use adhesive shelf liners for various home projects. These multi-purpose liners can be used in all areas of your home to give dirty damaged or outdated surfaces a brand new look.

Which EasyLiner® Shelf Liner to Choose

Watch this EasyLiner® video about the best shelf liner to use for various home projects. Non-adhesive and adhesive shelf liners are both stylish and practical for cabinets, draws, shelves, racks, and more.

Protect Household Surfaces With Style

Adhesive or non-adhesive shelf liner - how do you choose? Find out which type of EasyLiner® Shelf Liner to use on your next organizing or redecorating project.