Choosing a Shelf Liner

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How to select the right liner for your needs

It’s often a forgotten project. But, it’s probably one of the easiest ways to protect your surfaces from crumbs, water rings, scratches and more. And, it’s the perfect project for anyone moving into a new home, rental property or even for those who are doing a little bit of spring cleaning. We’re talking about lining your shelves with shelf liner.

Step 1

When choosing a shelf liner, be sure to consider how it will be used. For example, in kitchen cabinets, it’s a perfect accessory to collect crumbs, protect cabinet surfaces from damp dishes or even cushion cans in a pantry. But, shelf liner can also be used in a variety of other places, such as in the garage to line a toolbox, in the bathroom for the linen closet or even in the bedroom in a dresser drawer.
Shelf liner also adds an extra defense against dirt and crumbs. Most can be easily wiped clean for small drips and dribbles or put in the washer for larger messes and spills.

Duck® brand offers an array of 
non-adhesive Easy Liner® shelf liners to fit any need. These shelf liners feature a non-adhesive backing that makes them easy to install, reposition or replace. Choose the one that best fits your application:

Original Easy Liner®: Provides a grip top and bottom to line areas such as desktops, closet shelves and more.


•  Select Easy Liner®: A non-slip liner ideal for holding utensils, dishes and more in place in drawers and on shelves.


•  Shelving & Storage Easy Liner®: Ultra thick liner created for use on wire shelving systems to prevent wrinkling and wire indentation marks on clothing and other soft garments.  Also great for pantries, garages and more to prevent small objects from falling through the cracks.  


•  Smooth Top™ Easy Liner®: The smooth top surface makes it easy to slide dishware and wipes clean easily.  Perfect for upper and lower kitchen cabinets.    


•  Solid Easy Liner®: Provides a cushioned surface that creates a protective barrier to keep breakables from shifting.  The solid surface also helps trap crumbs, making for easy clean up.


•  Super Grip™ Easy Liner®: Features an ultra-grip top and bottom to provide extra slip resistance.  It is water resistant and is ideal for outdoor applications.


•  Supreme Easy Liner®: Extra thick liner that adds additional protection and cushion to areas where thicker cushioning is needed, such as under fragile items or in toolboxes and garage storage units. 





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