Mailing & Shipping Ideas & Tips

How to Ship Packages Safely

Millions of Americans participate in online auctions. With that much merchandise changing hands, it is important that packages arrive to buyers safely and intact. Duck® brand mailing products can help sellers transport these items quickly and easily to the buyer without worrying about the hassle of broken merchandise. Here are some tips to follow when shipping an item:

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Bubble Wrap® Unwrapped

Originally invented in 1960 by the Sealed Air Corporation as textured wallpaper, Bubble Wrap® has since become best known for providing superior protection when packing fragile or delicate items. However, its intended uses are not what makes it so well-loved.  It’s the charming noise it makes when its bubbles are popped that entice the American public.Check out these fun facts about this multi-faceted invention.

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Holiday Gift Wrapping Tips

Between shopping, visiting friends and family, and decorating your home, the holiday season can be both an exciting and stressful time. The Duck® brand has a variety of ideal supplies for gift-giving and gift-wrapping to help reduce unnecessary holiday stress.

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