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On the move? Turn to Duck® brand for insightful answers and helpful hints.

College Moving Tips

With fall fast approaching, first-time college students are moving into dormitories and apartments across the country. With so much going on between packing and preparing for the school year ahead, students need to be organized to ensure a successful moving day. 

As students begin preparing for their move, they can maintain order and ease their transition with these helpful moving tips from Duck® brand.

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Managing Moving Day Mishaps

Imagine yourself on moving day surrounded by boxes with no moving truck in sight. Or maybe a blizzard hits, causing treacherous traveling conditions on the big day. Picture yourself unpacking your belongings only to find your most prized possession shattered at the bottom of a box.

Moving day nightmares can take on many forms – in fact, hundreds of disgruntled movers have shared their own horror stories of moving days gone awry. Below are some of the highlights as well as some tips from the Duck® brand on how to prevent these nightmares from happening to you.

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Moving Made Simple

Forty to fifty million Americans relocate every year. Nearly seventy-nine percent of these people move themselves, without hiring professional movers. The following tips offer simple solutions and suggestions to the typical obstacles that families face while in the process of moving.
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