Window Kit Application Tips

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Stop Drafts Cold with Duck® Brand

When the seasons begin changing, it means homeowners should begin winterizing their homes in preparation for the cold winter months ahead. If purchasing new windows or doors to prevent drafts and conserve energy is not in the budget, rest assured that the Duck® brand offers many inexpensive, do-it-yourself home winterization products to help you maximize comfort and reduce your energy costs.


Step 1

The Duck® brand Roll-OnWindow Insulator Kitinstalls in less time than traditional kits because they have a pre-taped top edge and the plastic is rolled for easy application.



Step 2

For maximum tape adhesion, apply window kits to a clean, solid surface.


Step 3

When using indoor shrink window kits, don’t overshrink the film. This will make the film pop off the tape.

Step 4

Window Insulator Kits include plastic film that adheres to window frames with removable tape. The plastic is sealed and shrunk tight using a hair dryer, leaving a clear barrier between your home and the winter cold. 


Step 5

Avoid touching the hair dryer to the film as it will put holes in the plastic. Allow at least 6” between the hair dryer and the film.


Step 6

Don’t use the outdoor window kit indoors. Outdoor kits use a stronger adhesive, which can withstand exposure to the sun’s UV-rays and winter elements. When used indoors, this tape will leave an adhesive residue and may cause surface damage.


Step 7

Don’t use the indoor window kit outside. The tape in this kit is not strong enough to withstand harsh winter temperatures and exposure to UV rays.



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