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Tips for Promoting Yourself on Social Media

Congratulations! You made it this far, which is an incredible accomplishment. But now, the real fun begins. It’s voting time. Below are some guidelines to keep in mind when promoting yourself on social media to help gain votes.


You want your message heard far and wide. To help, make sure you’re tagging the Duck Brand accounts (@theduckbrand) on both Instagram and TikTok (or whatever platform you’re using.) We’ll give you some love!


Whether you only actively use one social media platform or have a presence across them all, post to whatever platforms you’re on. Think: Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, etc. The more the merrier! You never know where your votes could come from.


You want your supporters to easily be able to vote for you. Include the direct link to your dress or tux in easily accessible (and clickable) places like your link in bio on Instagram or by using the link feature in IG Stories. When all else fails, just be sure to at least include the URL to the general site in your caption:


We want your personality to shine and for your post to be authentic, but keep it PG. Please avoid using swear words, inappropriate lingo, explicit music, etc.


When writing out details about the campaign, be sure to reference and format it correctly as follows: Duck® Brand Stuck at Prom® Scholarship Contest. We also highly encourage you to use the campaign hashtag #StuckAtProm wherever possible. To help you get started, we’ve even provided example post copy below.

Top Tips to Successfully Work with the Media

Now that your dress or tux is in the spotlight, help gain online votes for your entry by telling your story to the media. Duck® Brand may let your local newspapers, TV stations or radio programs know about the contest, and you’re welcome to talk to them yourself, too! Here are tips on how to prep and what to do when talking with the media:

1. Stay on point

Outline three main talking points about the inspiration behind your Duck Tape® prom creation and practice them to help you stay on track during an interview. If you’re nervous, do a run-through with a family member, mentor, or friend.

2. Start Out Strong

Begin interviews with what matters most—think of it as a bold headline. Follow it up with supporting points and additional details to ensure the main point is communicated clearly.

3. Keep it Short

Deliver brief ‘sound bites’ that editors can easily convert into audio clips or quotes for a story.

4. Make Eye contact

For a live in-person interview, focus on the interviewer and speak directly to them as if the camera is not there. For a virtual video interview, the camera becomes the interviewer—that’s where you should look.

5. Show Your Personality

Show your personality—Be authentic and let your enthusiasm shine through. For on-camera opportunities, wear your Duck Tape® prom attire during the segment to showcase your talents.

6. Be Flexible

Expect to receive media requests from reporters once the finalists are announced. Keep your schedule open to ensure you have time to participate in a brief interview or respond to requests to help reach an audience who can vote for your look.

How to Find Stuck at Prom® GIFs in Instagram Stories:

1. From your Instagram Story, tap on Create.

2. Scroll over to the GIF button.

3. From there, you can search and add your favorite
Stuck at Prom® GIFs with The search term: stuck at prom