A special message about voting

There’s no better way to say it: this year’s competition has been extremely fierce. And, unfortunately, also mixed with controversy and question around our online, public voting – a first in the 20-year history of this Contest.

We take the integrity of this Contest very seriously and are investigating the comments, questions and concerns that have been received around our voting period. The finalists have done a great job getting their marketing machines working to drum up votes – and it’s working in their favor! But it’s also stirring up some negativity and animosity, which is absolutely against the very foundation of this Contest. Stuck at Prom was introduced to allow students to showcase their creativity and bring their personalities to life via their art and fashions, while also helping to further their education potential with scholarship dollars to offset tuition and other expenses.

So, in the best interest of our finalists, we have decided to remove the visibility of the vote tallies. Rest assured…your vote is still being collected and counted as we prepare to crown our winners with a “final reveal” at the end of the voting period