How to Make a Duct Tape Megaphone

Make a Pennant

Create a megaphone with your favorite team colors or use College Duck Tape® and make your school spirit heard.

Supplies and Tools:

Duck® brand duct tape (any team colors, College Duck Tape®)
Poster board (any color)

Skill Level:


Approximate Crafting Time:

45 Minutes

Step #1

Step #1

First, shape your poster board into a cone shape (for this example we used red poster board, but you can use any color). Cut the top and bottom at an even angle so that the edges are level. Tape the exposed ends of the poster board so that it holds its cone shape.

Step #2

Step #2

Cover the entire cone in duct tape.

Step #3

Step #3

Decorate your megaphone by applying College Duck Tape® or other duct tape designs around the edges.

Choose a background

Black Light Blue Dark Yellow Brown Magenta Green Gray Dark Purple Dark Blue Orange Red White Camouflage Totally Tie Dye

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