For a finished project that really shines, count on Duck Prism® or Duck Glitter® tape. Available in different technologies, including rolls, mini rolls and sheets, these products create a stunning effect and a touch of glamour to your Duck Tape® and craft projects. View All (5) PRISM & GLITTER TAPE

  • Duck Glitter® Crafting Tape

    Available in bright colors and designs, this glitter tape is an easy way to add shine to your craft and DIY projects without the mess.

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  • Duck Glitter® Crafting Tape Mini-Rolls

    Smaller versions of the original, glitter mini-rolls add shine and last minute embellishments and trim to craft and Duck Tape® projects.

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  • Duck Prism® Crafting Tape

    Available in a variety of colors and patterns, this prism tape adds a unique holographic effect to your craft, DIY and Duck Tape® projects.

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  • Duck Prism® Crafting Tape Mini-Rolls

    Smaller versions of the original, prism mini-rolls are perfect for adding small details, trim and shine to craft and Duck Tape® projects.

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  • Duck Prism® Crafting Sheet

    Perfect for creating letters, numbers and designs, you can use these holographic sheets to add details to any craft or Duck Tape® project.

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Make your workspace special. From a variety of colors and designs, Duck Masking® and Stationary Tapes add personality and style to almost any everyday item. View All (3) MASKING & STATIONERY TAPE

  • Duck Washi® Crafting Tape

    These crafting rolls come in a variety of colors and prints so you can personalize and decorate your home, office or classroom.

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  • Color Masking Tape

    Easy to tear and write on, this masking tape comes in a variety of colors so you can easily craft, color-code and label in your home or office.

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  • Deco Stationery Tape

    Featuring an easy-to-use dispenser, this printed tape can be added to any decorating, crafting, scrapbooking or stationary project.

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Need a chalkboard surface for a small space? A functional corkboard texture? Check out the different ways Duck® Brand Specialty Tapes can add dimension to your décor or craft project. View All (3) SPECIALTY CRAFT TAPES

  • Chalkboard Tape

    Chalkboard tape makes almost any hard surface into a writable one so you can label, make lists and create classroom activities.

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  • Dry Erase Tape

    Dry erase tape makes it easy to organize at home or the office while creating fun back-to-school projects and personalized home décor.

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  • Real Cork Tape

    Perfect for back to school supplies, home and office décor, this crafting tape gives almost any hard surface a cork-like appeal.

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These large format rolls allow you to cover almost any space with style and color. Duck® Brand Laminate Products come in exciting designs and are perfect for frames, bookshelves, tables and more. View All (4) LAMINATE & BANNER PAPER

  • Printed Deco Adhesive Laminate

    Available in several prints, this decorative laminate makes it easy to add design and color to your space or craft and DIY project.

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  • Chalkboard Deco Adhesive Laminate

    Chalkboard laminate makes it easy to turn almost any hard surface in your home, office or classroom into a writable one.

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  • Dry Erase Deco Adhesive Laminate

    Dry Erase laminate is easy to cut and apply to any hard surface in your home, office or classroom so you can write, label and organize.

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  • Banner Paper

    An easy fill for boxes to add an extra layer of protection when your items are on the move, this paper can be also be used for craft projects.

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Cleaner than glue and easy to apply, Duck ® Brand Easy-Stick® Adhesive Rollers are ideal for gift wrapping, sealing, crafting and more. View All (1) ADHESIVE ROLLERS

  • Double Stick Adhesive Rollers

    Replace messy adhesives with rollers that are designed for fast, one-hand application on paper-based office, craft and school projects.

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