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Candy Corn Costume

Ducktivity provided by JLeff80

This was inspired by the Candy Corn treat bag. :) It is made using Simplicity New Look 6900 Pattern as the fabric base, and 5 rolls of Duck Tape (1.5 used of yellow and orange, .5 roll of white). Process was simple, cut and fit the patterns (using a thin cotton fabric), and covered it with the tape. Skirt and top are both fitted with a zipper (4inch for skirt, 6 for top) that have been both hot glued and duck taped in. Unfortunately I do not have photos of it in process. This will be worn over a white vneck top, and black tights.

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  • biebersbabe01 about 50 months ago
    to cute can u make me 1. i love the color can i have it .like does it use a lot of duck tape that is what i want to no <3

  • luckycat about 51 months ago
    Candy corn!!! I love that dress!

  • blondiewhit1 about 56 months ago
    I kind of agree with sprite, but I also agree with kiwifruit16... I mean, if you NEED to use fabric for comfort, then use it. It's really OK! (but dont cheat on everything!!!) :D

  • kiwifruit16 about 56 months ago
    I have made 2 duct tape dresses and i used fabric on the inside so that i save money and duct tape (and you don't get sweaty in side) LOL

  • sprite about 58 months ago
    You used fabric?!! That is soooo cheating!

  • spongeforgood1 about 59 months ago
    I like it but, no offense, the directons were kinda confusing!