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Cool Bracelets

Ducktivity provided by awesomegirl

My grandma bought me some duct tape. So I made this.

Skill Level: 


Approximate Crafting Time: 


Supplies and Tools:

  • ducktape any 2 colors
  • scissors


  • liv4ever about 20 months ago
    try cutting them both in half long ways and wear them all on one wrist that will make it look better

  • awesomegirl about 30 months ago
    This is how you make it. First you take 2 peases of tape the size of your rist. Then you cover one on top of the uther. Once you have that poot it on your rist and conet then tocether with a smaller peas of tape. That is how you make one. Hope this helps :)

  • awesomegirl about 30 months ago
    I will try to make some directions but i dont know how. Can someone please tell me how?

  • love_live_tape about 30 months ago
    uhh yeah i have a duck tape buisness and thats not how you make a bracket ask anybody