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Duck Tape Dress!!

Ducktivity provided by cassiebaby74

I just had some duck tape laying around and I got bored. I just started taping and it came out like this.

Skill Level: 

Approximate Crafting Time: 


Supplies and Tools:

  • scissors
  • duck tape
  • light cloth


  • agsingers about 10 months ago
    omg it is adorable

  • i<3polkadots about 27 months ago
    OMG i am so gonna go home and make stuff with duck' tape!!! but whatever i make will never be as good as that!!!

  • Mackenzie V about 28 months ago
    WOW! i would give anything to be able to make that!

  • beanybee about 29 months ago
    this is super duper cool i am totes ganna make this

  • LittleOne about 29 months ago
    OMG How did u do that? That is a good looking dress! U can use it for Halloween. But Already past. LOL. But, Its still nice.

  • COOKIMONST3Rawr about 30 months ago
    omg your good wow how the heck did you do that lol

  • danannbis about 30 months ago
    Very cool!!

  • ducttape.girl.wbhs about 30 months ago
    Dang...thats a awesome dress....but i dont beleive you...theres no way this wasnt planned! ITS TO GOOD:)

  • ducktapegurl11 about 30 months ago
    where are the directions?????\

  • duck tape is awesome about 31 months ago
    i am not going to make a dress that takes 9 hours but it is cool

  • cmanni99 about 31 months ago
    Wow! Awesome I love it!

  • bail12173g about 31 months ago
    Directions plz?????!!!!!