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Flower Flops

Ducktivity provided by Charlotte2430

I was inspired by all the other flip flops. These are my version.

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  • Step 1

    get your flip flops out

  • Step 2

    make a duct tape sheet about 5 strips long and trace your flip flop but do NOT make it double sided make a hole in the front left and write this is going to be the slots of your front and side straps

  • Step 3

    make a duct tape flower if you don't know how go to www.Skiptomylou.com its a great tutorial

  • Step 4

    Take the twist tie and put through the middle on the bottom of the flower. Cut a small piece of duct tape and place it over the twist tie so it sticks. Now use the twist tie to attach it to the flip flop strap.

1 comment

  • ducktapestar123 about 25 months ago
    cool ! it would even COOLER if you made them without your flip flops though. somthing else to try!!!