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Duck Tape® Flip-Flops

Ducktivity provided by Duck® Brand

If the shoe fits, make it out of Duck Tape®! By following these simple instructions, you can make Duck Tape® flip-flops for every occassion this summer.

Skill Level: 


Approximate Crafting Time: 


Supplies and Tools:

  • Duck Tape®
  • Cardboard
  • Pen
  • Flip Flops (to trace)
  • Scissors
  • Crafting board


  • Step 1

    Trace your foot or a pair of flip-flips on cardboard to figure out what size shoe you'll need to make.

  • Step 2

    Use your scissors to cut out your design.

  • Step 3

    Cover the cardboard in Duck Tape®. To insure clean lines, start at the top and place the tape horizontally, folding over the excess tape on the bottom.

  • Step 4

    For the straps, cut a 14 in. long pice of Duck Tape® and fold it lengthwise sticky side to sticky side.

  • Step 5

    Cut a hole in the top of your flip-flop where your toe would be.

  • Step 6

    Thread the strip from step 4 through the hold and tape the middle of the strap to the bottom of the flip-flop.

  • Step 7

    Place the flip-flop on your foot to measure the length of the loops. Tape the straps ends to the bottom of the shoe.

  • Step 8

    Cover the entire bottom of the flip-flop with a layer of Duck Tape® and cut the edges to create a clean edge.

  • Step 9

    Repeat steps to make a matching pair. You can decorate and personalize your flip-flops, too!


  • aducktaper_ about 18 hours ago

  • animagus731 about 14 days ago
    how could you wear these?

  • rainbow2000 about 19 days ago
    really want to try these! saving ducktivitie right now..........

  • Sparklehorn26 about 19 days ago

  • cc45 about 26 days ago

  • djfields about a month ago

  • citlaly45 about a month ago
    these are so cool but i think its a waste of duct tape

  • JBailey5 about a month ago

  • GUMMYBEAR about a month ago

  • carol.zahn1 about a month ago
    need to make me some of these

  • jarrasomnia about a month ago

  • PKozma about a month ago

  • soni about a month ago

  • sonam about a month ago
    something different

  • angel.forrest.14 about 2 months ago
    cool i did this at church

  • manon.dumay.716 about 2 months ago
    Very nice

  • ginacervoni about 2 months ago
    very cool!

  • cindi.hoag about 2 months ago

  • pillowback3lw1@aol.com about 2 months ago
    Love them!!!!

  • HaleyDeats about 2 months ago
    who is gacieboo5

  • gracieboo5 about 2 months ago
    my daughter made a pair of these and she loves them, super cute

  • corinne.klinetop about 2 months ago
    I definitely want to try these out !!

  • Adrii718 about 2 months ago

  • leaellen about 2 months ago
    love it

  • christopher.reeves.54 about 3 months ago

  • sfora71 about 3 months ago
    I can't imagine that these would be comfortable.

  • CWink2012 about 3 months ago
    I <3 these

  • fanJules about 3 months ago
    I love it !

  • #swaggirl123 about 3 months ago
    I made these and they are so cool

  • kristie.jacobsen.75 about 3 months ago

  • sarah.potter.94214 about 3 months ago
    interesting but i would added padding and try to add more height.

  • cdyonne about 3 months ago

  • Asiam2B about 3 months ago
    I Made a few sets of these in the last few years for myself and my kids. What i did differently was to use hardboard for core stability and sturdyness, or if you want a built in grid peg board (the only difference between the two being the holes ) As well as i added cork cabinet liner to the bottom for anti slippage and a bit of impact absorbtion . I never had a problem with them braking . Also i doubled up on the thickness of the straps for durability:-) probably not normally needed however i sprint alot flip flops or not due to kids age range being toddler to 8 years old

  • tklassen about 3 months ago
    i made these once

  • tjpickard about 4 months ago
    I have never seen these before. Good idea.

  • linda23guard about 4 months ago
    thats smart and so is the padded idea

  • amazing & awsome about 4 months ago
    im gonnna make them but im gonna make them padded

  • trista.ott about 4 months ago
    Cute but I wonder how comfy they would be or if they would rub in between the toes?

  • betty.waldeck.10 about 4 months ago
    okay people will wear those are they just for show?

  • lowecarrie about 4 months ago
    Doesnt look comfortable at all.

  • franksbigmomma about 4 months ago

  • Duckie_Tape_Girl about 6 months ago
    not a lot of padding.. maybe add some cloth? looks super cute tho ;)

  • kmban about 7 months ago
    how long does It take for 'Duck Brand Admin' to approve a ducktivity?

  • ducktape1017 about 7 months ago

  • cbvducktape about 8 months ago
    they hurt ur feet there is no padding and they brake

  • tw_md_obryant about 8 months ago

  • Charlotte2430 about 8 months ago
    could i just do that on my flip flops

  • duckmaniaava about 8 months ago
    there awesome flip flops

  • duck+tape=awesome about 8 months ago
    lol #? who r u, trina riffon?

  • crazy4ducttape625 about 10 months ago
    those flip flops r #dabomb