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My Crazy Flip Flops

Ducktivity provided by I<3TapeGirl

just some flip flops that my dad said would not last but i wear them everywhere. and they LASTED!

Skill Level: 


Approximate Crafting Time: 


Supplies and Tools:

  • cardboard
  • scissors
  • silver tape
  • colorful tape


  • Step 1

    trace your feet one at a time on cardboard, but make them a little bit bigger.

  • Step 2

    cut out the cardboard feet and cover them in two layers of heavy duty grey tape

  • Step 3

    cover one side of of the feet in two layers of your color of choice

  • Step 4

    fold tape the long way so you make straps (4)

  • Step 5

    put your foot on the board and place the straps comfortably, making sure you tape at least half an inch to board, so the straps wont come loose

  • Step 6

    cover the taped in straps with color tape and wear!

    if the bottom starts to wear off, cover with more grey tape!


  • kylebuschfan about 16 months ago

  • purpleposey12 about 16 months ago
    I have to agree with zebramask123... it kinda seems that your doing more that u have to... but great idea!

  • zebramask123 about 31 months ago
    They are super awesome! But couldn't you just cover a pair of flip flops in ducktape and bam you have it?

  • missginger about 44 months ago
    Those are pretty cute. I am thinking about making some for the girls I babysit!