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Neon Duck Tape Flip Flops

Ducktivity provided by ccllaaiirree

These Flip Flops are unique and I love them! You can't even buy them from the store!

Skill Level: 


Approximate Crafting Time: 


Supplies and Tools:

  • Neon Orange Duck Tape
  • Neon Green Duck Tape
  • Yellow Duck Tape


  • I9Z9Z about 27 months ago
    There so UNIQUE and COLORFUL!!!!!!!!! I love them!!!!! :-)

  • rhellinger about 28 months ago
    Those are very unique sandals .

  • agsingers about 29 months ago
    they are perfect like no mistakes but it is like not intermediate its advanced

  • TheDuctTapeQueen832 about 30 months ago
    Those are so cute! I love them!

  • mustachegirl101 about 31 months ago
    that is amazing! I would love to do that! it's so cool that u can get the tape to stay in stripes!!

  • zebramask123 about 31 months ago
    PLEASE post DIRECTIONS on here! I really want to know 'cuz the look FAB!!!!!

  • RubberDuckTaper about 31 months ago
    adorable!! you're really good!

  • cowbelleru about 40 months ago
    Your flip-flops are so cute! Do you know where I can find the directions? cowbelleru@yahoo.com Thank You

  • rvgarner about 48 months ago
    These are soooooo cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!I love them!How did u make the disigns?

  • Roze about 50 months ago
    TOO CUTE!!!!

  • bubbalinda about 50 months ago
    wow thoes are awesome! lovvv the colors!

  • aqagirl=D about 50 months ago
    Those r soooo cool!!!!!! I bet u get a lot of complements! :)

  • hgdiveley01 about 50 months ago
    Cool I love it :)

  • bail12173g about 50 months ago
    she covered regular fip flops in duck tape

  • ccllaaiirree about 50 months ago
    Thank You! =) It means a lot to hear great things about these flip flops. All I did was cover a pair of old flip flops with Duck Tape of any color of your choosing and decorate! It's easy and fun!

  • bieberfan4life about 50 months ago
    it is easy and fun 2 make.

  • LakinHope about 50 months ago
    How do you make these?!?!?! PLEASE post directions ASAP!!!