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Amazing Firework Bow

Ducktivity provided by kelseytape

i got really bad (and mean) comments on my last headband about my bow so i just HAD to post this one. plz leave good comments this time thx...:/

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  • Hanprit85 about 25 months ago
    I like it but why is it called the FIREWORK bow?

  • chelsaysay about 51 months ago
    this is really good love it :)

  • soccersurf13 about 55 months ago
    nice colors :D

  • -Quack-says-the-pig- about 55 months ago

  • swimcrazy09 about 55 months ago
    that is SOOOOO CUTE!! how do you make it?

  • Dragon-Tape-Master about 55 months ago
    Really cool! Kinda hard to see though. You should really post interactions I am dying to know how to make one!

  • hollholl13 about 55 months ago
    OMG!!! This is sooooo cute!!!!!!

  • theduckrulesmyworld about 55 months ago
    this is amazing i love the colors in it but everyone has their own opinions but i really like it!