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Angry Bird Duct Tape Wallets

Ducktivity provided by Spiderpigxx123

1.Make any color wallet you want according to which bird your making2.Cut out shape of eyes, beak,and any other specific detail you would like3.Show friends and watch them be amazed!* Might take 45-1 hour to make each,... AT THE MOST 1 HOUR

Skill Level: 

Approximate Crafting Time: 


Supplies and Tools:

  • red duct tape
  • blue duct tape
  • Black (Silver will also work)
  • Yellow tape
  • Scizzors


  • kylebuschfan about 14 months ago
    how neat!

  • RubberDuckTaper about 31 months ago
    awesome!! that's so cool! i think the black one looks the best :)

  • toxictoosies about 31 months ago
    Wow! That would take a long time for me! That is awesome!