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Birthday Gift Bags

Ducktivity provided by sam85851

First, you will want to make the beginning of a bag kind of like a pocket, in the picture it is the green, teal, or purple part. After you have that done, you will personalize the bottom of the bag with a Color DuckĀ® Tape print, which is the cheetah, Tye-dye, or zebra part. You will also make the handle with that same print duck tape. After that, you will make a bow in whatever color you would like, then once you have made that, hot glue it on to the bag. Once you have that done, you will get a button and sew it to the inside back of your bag, then you will cut a line in the front of your bag where the button will hold the bag together. You can also decorate the outside of your gift bags with stickers. You have now finished your Color DuckĀ® Tape Gift Bag.

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