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Cute cell phone chair!!!!!!

Ducktivity provided by ducktapegrrrl13

this is sooooo cute!!!!!!! i love it and i use it all the time!!!! the BEST part of it is that you can make it different sizes, as you can see i made mine to fit my phone, but i love it!!!!!!

Skill Level: 


Approximate Crafting Time: 


Supplies and Tools:

  • duct tape (your color choice)
  • fabric (to match duct tape)
  • stuffing
  • cardboard
  • scissors
  • ruler
  • hot glue


  • Step 1

    sorry, i have no pictures, but first measure the back of the chair, the bottom of your chair, 3 sides, and 2 arms. to make the arms cut 2 more sides out but round out 1 of the corners from each

  • Step 2

    glue your pieces together.
    this will give you the "skeleton" of your chair
    start with the bottom of the chair and put it on the table.
    take the back piece and glue it to one side of the bottom, then glue the other 3 sides on.

  • Step 3

    with your stuffing, fill the hole in the middle of the chair, don't be shy, use a lot of stuffing!!!!!

  • Step 4

    hot glue the fabric over the stuffing, when you glue it, glue the left side first, then pull the fabric tight over to the right side and glue it. then glue the front, if there is a small gap between the fabric and the back of the chair, fill it with hot glue.

  • Step 5

    rip 2 long pieces of duct tape. place the arms of the chair in the tape (one arm in each piece of duct tape)
    fold the duct tape over the arm and press it tightly around the arm.
    cut out the shape of the arm in the tape, (follow the crease of the cardboard)
    then glue your arms on the left and right side of the chair
    cover the rest of the chair in the color duct tape you chose.

  • Step 6

    now the pillow,
    rip two pieces of duct tape (not the same color as your chair)
    fold them in half

  • Step 7

    put the 2 pieces on top of each other and cut out a square

  • Step 8

    rip 4 small pieces of duct tape and cover 3 edges of the pillow. then stuff the pillow from the 1 open edge. fill it as much as you can. then close the top with the other piece of duct tape

  • Step 9

    finally, cut two VERY THIN pieces of duct tape (about 1/4 inch)
    place them on the pillow so that they cross like a " t " but they cross in the top left corner of the pillow.
    then find a small gem/rhinestone and hot glue it where the 2 pieces of DT cross.
    place the pillow on your chair and TA DA!!!!!!! your own cell phone chair to brag about!!!!!!!! hahahaha ;)


  • Lynski about 14 months ago

  • LittlePrincess00 about 40 months ago
    This is sweet! I made it the easy way I used tacky glue and glued it together then I just wrapped it in duck tape and put decorations around it for my iPods bedroom!