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Duck Tape Bow!

Ducktivity provided by icecream512

Step 1) Cut two peices of tape 4 inches long. Step 2) Place one sticky side up and the other sticky side down, and put on top of each other so a 4th inch of left over sticky is on both sides. Step 3) Fold over the sticky on both sides. (This makes the bow have round edges.) Step 4) Crimp fold or fold the peice of fabric like a fan till it's all folded. Step 5) Take a quarter inch of tape, mabye of a different color, and while hloding the bow in it's crimped form, wrap the peice around the middle. Step 6) You just made a duck tape bow! You can always attach it to a hair tie or hair clip too. Step 7) Leave me a comment saying how it went!

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  • Mz marvel about 8 months ago

  • Abbo1231 about 9 months ago
    Really cute! You could also put it on a wallet. If you wanna know how to make one, check out mine on the wallets section. Great bow!