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Duck Tape Portal

Ducktivity provided by Valence100

We had to put on a production called Spring Sing and we needed a portal as a prop so I whipped this one up out of duck tape.

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  • Step 1

    Cut several strips of black duck tape that are a little over 40 in long to go all the way around the cube. For the top and bottom, use a little over 10 in strips to cover just those facets. 5 of the 6 facets have the circle design on it. Each circle is three strips of silver tape together with a coffee can placed over to cut a perfect circle. The blue corners are cut so that it measure 2x2 in, then 1 in sides coming off each one of the 2 in sides and a cut across the 1 in sides. 4 are placed on each of the 5 facets. The red stripes are 1/4 of an inch thick and are place from one edge of a circle to the other on another facet, like in the pics. Do not place the red strips on the facet with the control panel.

  • Step 2

    Use three strips of green tape that are 8 in long to make the panel background. Wrap three 9 in long pieces of wire with a 7 in strip of orange, red and blue tape. Stick then straight through into the cube, with bent ends at each end. Cover a button with the kit in gold using one with a pronged back. Hot glue this into the cube. If you don't have a kit or glue gun, just cut a small gold circle and stick it on. Cut to a microphone shape from silver and stick that on. I used stickers to make the volume bars but tape is fine too. Make four circles in black about 1 inch in diameter but make sure you have a triangle so it looks like a dial. Put numbers on these. Congrats! You're done!